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Netconsent Offerings

Bitminions and Netconsent are able to offer a complete Policy Management and Compliance solution for your Business. It is essential to ensure you employees are part of your overall Security and Compliance and our solution helps to manage this effectively and to stramilne your regulatory Reporting Requirements.

Netconsent Modules:
  1. Netconsent Policy Manager.
  2. Compliance Suite
  3. Assesor:
  4. Informer:
  5. Reporter:
  6. Alerter:


Benefits of Netconsent

Benefits:  Central Repository for all Policies and Procedures and Enforcement of Company Policies

Netconsent Infrastructure

Netconsent uses your existing Active Directory Infrastructure and your Windows Client machines.

Bit Minions Netconsent Modules:

Netconsent Manager:

  • Alerter:
  • Examiner:
  • Assesor:
  • informer:
  • Reporter:
NETCONSENT Deployment Options

Netconsent can be deployed as a physical server or as a Virtual Machine. It uses Windows IIS and Microsoft SQL server.

Netconsent Improves Employee Awareness

Employees are presented with policies and procedures at logon. If there are mandatory policies they must be reviewed before the employee can complete the login process. Tests can be carried out to evaluate the employee understanding of the policy..

netconsent Reporting


Netconsent automates the reporting on the Organizational health and the compliance status of individual employees. This makes it easy to submit reports for Board Resolutions and Regulatory Authorities.

netconsent Support

Netconsent will provide full telephone support, remote desktop support and regular updates to the solution.

Netconsent services

Bitminions and Netconsent can provide professional services to help define policies and procedures and to deploy the solution in production.