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Mobile Workspace Offerings

Bitminions can offer a complete solution for your mobile workers. Ensure your company data is secure and equip your team with the best solution for travel. Elimiate the risk incurred when you company data leaves the office every evening on a laptop. .

Mobile Workspace:
  1. Devices
  2. Docks
  3. Cloud Storage solutions
  4. Mobile Administration and Management
  5. Remote wipe


Benefits of replacing laptops with Mobile Devices

Benefits:  Replace the laptop with a smaller device with fewer components. All data is synchronised with your office 365 cloud. You can drastically reduce your exposure to malware and other attacks as the employee cannot easily install unauthorised software on the device.

Mobile Device Architecture

Integrate with your office 365 infrastructure and protect your company information.

Recommended Devices:


  • HP X3 Elite:
  • Nokia Lumia:
Mobile Deployment Options


MDM Support

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